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By Robert Earl

Pushed out of the Empire, nomadic feral vampires make an epic trek throughout the Black Mountains looking for their historical place of birth, unaware of the vampires relatives that path them as prey.

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It was a meaty beast, twice the height of a mammoth and eight times the bulk. 49 Planeshift On two hulking talons it stood, its belly scales drawn tight in a shriek of agony. It clutched its wounded fist and bellowed through fangs. The gargantua was a mountainous monster, and mountains were meant for climbing. Agnate swung his axe like a pick, chunking a foothold in the monster's leg. He stepped onto the broad blade and flung himself upward. One hand grasped the leathery wattle beneath the beast's throat.

Eladamri had glimpsed her during the revels at Koilos, but now, to face her here in his dying homeland, he could not stand. He sank to his knees and bowed his head. His folk did likewise. Freyalise drifted over to him. Her hand reached gently outward and stroked his braided hair. " Lifting his face, Eladamri stared at her glimmering eyes. "Yes, my lady. " A flash of pique lit the planeswalker's eyes. She seemed both angered and amused. " "You needed a savior for your people of Llanowar, and you made me that savior.

Rhammidarigaaz swept low over their heads. From his mouth poured killing fire. It mantled the fleeing monsters. One by one, like com popping, they burst into flame. More ignited in a chain of azure. Black shells split to gush white innards. Hearing the domed huts of the Viashino village, Darigaaz spoke an incantation. Power coalesced in the pendants around his neck. It shot out to the cuffs of his wrists and into clawed fingertips. Crimson beams stabbed downward. With utter precision, they found their targets.

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