New PDF release: Alekhine Alert! A Repertoire for Black Against 1 e4

By Timothy Taylor

ISBN-10: 1857446232

ISBN-13: 9781857446234

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor takes a modern examine considered one of Black’s so much formidable counters to one e4, the Alekhine Defence. this can be a sharp, inventive commencing during which Black assaults from the very starting, luring White’s critical pawns ahead within the expectation of destroying them later on. In this publication Taylor constructs a realistic repertoire for Black, perfect for the modern day participant. all of the key tactical and positional principles are lined and significant move-order nuances are highlighted. This booklet offers every little thing you must be aware of that allows you to play the Alekhine with self assurance.

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Th3 ! txfl! l'Llh6 51 Peculiar Moves Socko - Inkariev On 1 8 ... 'it>xf7? l:lf3, winning. xe8 20 'ii'xe8 e6 ! e8!! Astonishingly, White acquiesces to a second self-pin! g5 is in an awkward position due to the threat of 1 9 ... h6. txe7+! lLlxe7 2 1 'ii'xe7+ followed by 22 lLlxa8. 20 'ii'h5 lLlxf4 ! b7 What else? 'ii'd4 (2 1 . txf5 ! gxf5 23 lLle6! is crushing. m m 22 'ii'xd7 l:tc8 23 lLle6 1-0 Amazingly, the queen has no refuge. Materially, White is doing fine, but the positional advantage is firmly in Black 's hands.

Xg2 26 'ii'd 7! is good for White. tfl 'ii'xe4 26 tbg5? 'iih i mate. xb2 axb3 27 axb3 is tougher, although Black remains on top. xe7? ••• 26 ... e2! 28 :n An error in a critical pos1bon. xe4! tf8 23 tbe5 ! leads to an advantage for White. A later game, Katona Skorpik, corr. I 973-75, went: 23 .. d8 ! 'ii'c 8 (24 ... e5 is curtains. xf2! •. 53 Part Two: Principled Issues Concerning 'Devious Chess' whether our opponent's move is an error or a trap. Distinguishing between the two is usually easy: proof can be obtained through analysis.

5 'it>xb3 forces matters. The threat 4 axb4 Stalemate! • 5 axb4 moves Back to practical chess - and to another example of a see-saw kind of game: The continuous struggle between ideas and counter-ideas is frequently seen in studies. 59 Twists and Turns Arizmendi - Milov Biel 200 1 ? evaluation changes time and again and it is difficult to assert where, in essence, is the final "end-point" of it. _ Mor - Mart Israel 1 969 i n ±11 ii ± White to play 1 9 ltJc6!! 'ii'x h2 2 'ii'xb5 (otherwise Black is simply a pawn up) 2 ...

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