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By Nikos Tagmatarchis

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This ebook covers the nomenclature and modeling of carbon nanomaterials, contains examples of surfaces and skinny movies of fullerenes, and examines the morphology and constitution of carbon nanotubes and the characterization of peapod fabrics as a result of transmission electron microscopy. It additionally offers electro-optical houses and self-assembly and enrichment in carbon nanotubes, by way of innovations for the chemical functionalization of carbon nanohorns and endohedral metallofullerenes. eventually, the functions of endohedral metallofullerenes in quantum computing and of functionalized carbon nanotubes in drugs finish this interesting evaluation of the field.

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192). See also Color Insert. 01-Tagmatarchis-ch01 March 28, 2012 10:3 PSP Book - 9in x 6in 01-Tagmatarchis-ch01 Nanotori and Circular Nanotube Bundles 43 the layers (unlike the logarithmic spiral in the Nautilus structure). This is again consistent with the spiral forms observed in CNSs and is due to the van der Waals interaction between the layers. Once again, analogously with nanotubes and nanoscrolls, the molecule can interchange between a spiroid and a multi-walled fullerene via the passage of dislocations.

These “Haeckelite” structures and their potential involvement in helical nanotube structure are discussed further below. 3 Applications of Helical Nanotubes Coiled multi-walled tubes have been shown to have strength comparable to SWCNTs131 and have been proposed as a suitable filler for composite reinforcement; in principle, they should be superior to straight nanotubes due to improved anchoring into the embedding matrix and better load transfer. They may also act as “molecular springs,” providing greater energy absorption and shock resistance.

3 Herringbone Applications There are remarkably few studies of herringbone nanotube applications in the literature. The open wall stacked-cone structure of herringbone tubes and fibers makes them interesting candidates for intercalation purposes such as hydrogen108 and lithium storage. 109 Interestingly, herringbone nanotubes showed improved storage over herringbone nanofibers. The stacked-cone herringbone structures are mechanically extremely weak, and mild mechanical treatment such as short time period ball milling completely destroys them.

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