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By Turrell . Wylie

The Nepalese portion of the author's global geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod. Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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In Sanskrit, Satyayuga. — 33 — temple, together with the remains of the offerings and many of R idbang's retinue, were destroyed by fire. Ri-db&ng himself began to burn. Frightened, he offered his daughter Ri-skyes-ma to Lha dragpo and beseeched him to put out the fire. Lha drag-po was then satis­ fied and extinguished the fire. Then, leading the goddess (lha-mo) Ri-skyes, he went away Regardless of whether this story is true or not, t have heard it said that even nowadays a serious epidemic fever called 'au-la 94 breaks out repeatedly among the people of that area.

P. 65). 12 S«m-khu is the village of Sankhu located about ten miles east-northeast of Kath­ mandu. Its importance derived from its being on the dadqjusute between the Kathmandu valley and Tibet via Nyalam P r ong (=» Kuli). (Cf. L4vi, II, pp. 381-82; Landon, II, p. 35). — 14 — K irta-spu-ra >>, Tsi-ti-lam >4, Na-ya-ko-{a l5, S tha-na-ko-ta |6, D eba-pa-(an *7, and Shi-ba-pu-ra >®. It is also said that there are eightyfour smail communities there. As for the symbols of the body, speech, and mind >9, and the special pilgrimage places located in that region: in the town of Yam-bu (Kath­ mandu), there are many benedictory symbols, such as the " two bro­ thers ” (called) Jo-bo Ja-m a-li and A-kam -bu-kam , which is called K a-ru-dzu-dzu by the Newars: these (two) are among the " four bro­ thers " 'Phags-pa J0.

Thus, the Jo-bo Ja-ma-li of Bla-ma Btsan-po's geography is the same image as the White, or Selo, Matsyendranfith, which is taken annually in a religious procession through (he main streets of Kathmandu lo Lagan. According to L4vi, this image is of Samanlabhadra, wher s Ihe one in Patan is of Padmapfioi (L4vi, II, p. 59). Now for Ihe identification of the name A kam bu kom. Bla-ma Blsan-po states it is the name of one image in Kathmandu; but, he is incorrect on both counts. According to Shing-kun, " In Ye-rang (Patan), there are the two: Jo-bo A-k hang and U-khang, which are mentioned in the Mopi bka'-bum (ye rang na ma pi bka' ‘bum na gtal ba'i jo bo a khong ii khang gnyis dang | rolio 7-a).

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