Billie Jean Collins's A History of the Animal World in the Ancient Near East PDF

By Billie Jean Collins

ISBN-10: 9004121269

ISBN-13: 9789004121263

This name matters man's touch with the animal global: sacrifice, sacred animals, vitamin, and domestication. Chapters on paintings, literature, faith and animal husbandry demonstrate an image of the complicated relationships among the peoples of the traditional close to East and (their) animals.

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When hard pressed, camels are able to lose up to 27% of their body weight in water while still maintaining a viable blood volume. This is a prodigious level of dehydration compared to humans, who cannot tolerate more than a 12% reduction. When at last the thermometer drops at nighttime, the camel quickly dissipates the day's heat buildup without having to sacrifice precious water to do so. Free-ranging dromedaries tend to form male-dominated harems in which strong attachments develop between individuals of the group.

Attempts were made in the Munich and Berlin zoos during the early twentieth century to breed back the known characteristics of the aurochs. These experiments yielded several dozen "reconstituted" individuals that not only expressed the familiar anatomical attributes but also reproduced the shy and temperamental disposition that had been typical of the ancestral stock (Heck 1951). Humped zebu cattle of southern Asia (sometimes termed B. indicus) represent a tropical domestic form valued for its resistance to heat and pests.

Africanus somaliensis) still inhabits the region between Africa's horn and the Eritrean coast. It is distinguished from the Nubian race to the north by a summer shift to yellowish buff coloration and distinctive dark stripes encircling the lower legs. In ancient Greek, the Asian ass was referred to as rj/jfoi/os", literally "half-ass," and the term was eventually adopted to designate the spe- 18 ALLAN S. GILBERT cies (Equus hemionus). Oddly, hemiones are also commonly called onagers today, a term that originated from ovaypos, or "wild ass," by which both Greeks and Romans referred to the African ass (Groves 1974).

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