New PDF release: A Companion to Relativism

By Steven D. Hales

ISBN-10: 1405190213

ISBN-13: 9781405190213

A better half to Relativism provides unique contributions from best students that handle the most recent pondering at the position of relativism within the philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technology, good judgment, and metaphysics.

  • Features unique contributions from some of the best figures engaged on a number of facets of relativism
  • Presents a considerable, large diversity of present brooding about relativism
  • Addresses relativism from a number of the significant subfields of philosophy, together with philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technology, good judgment, and metaphysics

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Evans, G. (1985). Does tense logic rest upon a mistake? In Collected Papers, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 343–363. Field, H. (1982). Realism and relativism. Journal of Philosophy 79, 553–567. Frege, G. (1892). Über sinn und Bedeutung. Zeitschrift für Philosophie und philosophische Kritik NF 100, 25–50. Frege, G. (1918). Der Gedanke. Eine logische Untersuchung. Beiträge zur Philosophie des deutschen Idealismus 1, 58–77. 29 max kölbel Hales, S. D. (1997). A consistent relativism. Mind 106, 33–52.

Max Kölbel (2002) has proposed that in any domain where truth is a matter of meeting certain subjective standards, truth should be portrayed as relative to a perspective from which those standards apply. ” Although there are interesting and important differences between these two proposals, they have this much in common: both claim to be able to preserve the intuition that drives the consensus view, linking relativism with metaphysically irresoluble disagreement, by portraying truth as relative (call this second, fortifying intuition the “Relative Truth Intuition”).

Edu/archives/win2008/entries/relativism/. Williamson, T. (1996). Knowing and asserting. Philosophical Review 105, 489–523. This article reappears in revised form as chapter 11 of Williamson 2000. Williamson, T. (2000). Knowledge and Its Limits. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Wright, C. (2001). On being in a quandary: Relativism, vagueness, logical revisionism. Mind 110, 45–98. 30 2 Relativism Requires Alternatives, Not Disagreement or Relative Truth CAROL ROVANE Abstract This chapter examines and rejects the main current suggestions about how we should formulate the doctrine of relativism, in terms of the idea of irresoluble disagreements in which both parties are right, and the idea of relative truth.

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