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By Davich, Victor N

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ISBN-13: 9780786564903

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Yoga Why? Why Yoga? got here into being as a reaction to enormous quantities of requests from Ajahn Banyat's scholars who, years after having had yoga meditation classes with him, proceed to perform singly and in teams. the next textual content is, i think, the main eloquent testomony to the effectiveness of Ajahn Banyat's educating and the perform of yoga meditation and offers the simplest solution to Yoga Why? Why Yoga?

From Contents:

Chapter One History
Chapter Yoga Meditation
Chapter 3 Autobiography
Chapter 4 ordinary Meditation: Sitting Meditation
Chapter 5 Asana
Chapter Six typical Meditation: strolling Meditation
Chapter Seven Pranayama: Yoga Meditation respiring. ..

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This affords you a clear, unobstructed view of the ninety-three-ring circus that is your thinking mind. ln a recent 8 minute meditation session, I dined on a succulent lobster dinner I had in Maine in 1984, heard the theme song from the movie The Apart- ment, and remembered my first two-wheel bicycle (a Rudge). Any connection between these thoughts! If you find it, please let me know. Vv'hen you sit down to meditate, your own mind chatter is going to come pouring out. Some thoughts will be pleasant, funny, and blissful.

You experience all aspects of life in a richer, fuller way. This is because you MEDITATION 101 39 are not judging everything, but allowing it, moment by moment. This new way of seeing can result in the creation of more "life energy" as well as a desire to engage more fully with every aspect of life. So don't worry. Becoming a meditator doesn't mean you'll wake up and find that you've abandoned your law practice and are heading for a monastery in Bhutan. But it certainly can mean finding more richness in your legal practice, love for your family, and reverence for all forms of life.

Telop a strung, disciplined meditation habit that you can deepen, and can last your lifetime. • Answer your basic questions. Each section of the book contains its own Q&A section. "You're doing great. Follow the program. " • Help you over the rough spots. The unique burning concem, issue, or doubt you have has more than likely been posed by thousands of other meditators. You'll find these questions addressed at many places along the way. Don't feel embarrassed, dumb, or ignorant. We've all been there.

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