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"Home layout combines the essence of structure and artwork, and architects do their most sensible to discover the hot methods within the a number of contradictions and conflicts to completely show their realizing of house and the proprietors’ preliminary mind's eye. whilst, every one case equipped continually comprises many sure or doubtful elements that consult with the furniture or maybe area composition. every one of those components turns out to inform a by no means finishing tale and files people’s feeling of pleasure, confusion, recalling and longing.It is exactly as a result of those bright emotional stories that make domestic layout to be fascinating and attractive.In order to demonstrate the essence of every case in a extra exact approach, this publication has systematically deconstructed each element of the house layout that refers to area, constitution, interface, ornament in addition to detailed components. all of the case is illustrated detailedly from the purpose of sensible region, along with, descriptive textual content and the corresponding plan vividly recur the transformation from aircraft to area, from the summary to the intuition.Reading alongside the format of the booklet, readers not just locate notion from the situations, but additionally might event the peculiarity of the house layout and luxuriate in the tactile sensation of the textured space."

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1. 由各种传统的铜壶组合而成的墙壁巧妙地构建了一个匠心独 运的入口屏风。坐落在奢华的圣淘沙岛名胜世界酒店中的Rang Mahal Pavilion餐厅以纯正的印度菜肴为特色,巧妙运用传统的印 度文化背景并添加时尚元素。该餐厅内设置了一个主餐厅与宴会 厅、两个私人功能室、一间厨房以及一个卫生间。 2. 紧邻屏风设置的甘内什神、印度神像雕塑时刻恭候就餐者的莅 2 临,并在倒影池上投下壮美的身影。餐厅门与墙面上镶嵌的纤维板 与丝绒家具一同营造出一个高贵而热情的就餐氛围。 3. 这一装潢精美、气氛融洽的餐厅是将传统风格与时尚元素完美 结合的典范。 4. 锡塔尔琴、长笛这样的乐器为照明装置的独特设计提供了灵感 源泉,并为这些普通的装置增添了些许文学色彩。 3 4 061 5 6 5. In this harmonious space, the shirt-sleeve modernism perfectly combines with the regional adornment. 6. Lighting design contributes to a "flowing" space. 7.

3. 吧台 4. 厨房 5. 外卖吧台 6. 吧台 7. 酒廊 8. 入口 1. The purpose of the newly-founded chain, Nat. Fine Bio Food, is to make fast food healthy, to offer delicious organic 1 food in a timely manner – and this in a contemporary environment. 2. Nat. brings together Organic and Lifestyle, and with this follows the increasingly-important LOHAS-Trend (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). 1. 这一新式连锁餐厅的设计宗旨是在一个时尚、舒适的就餐环境 中为顾客提供健康、美味、快捷的有机快餐食品。 2. Nat. Fine Bio Food餐厅巧妙地将有机品质与城市生活完美结 合,以当今备受关注的健康可持续性的生活方式为主题,旨在创建 绿色、安全的有机生活品质。 2 033 3.

Ella Dining Room & Bar serves "Modern American Bistro" cuisine. The owners wanted the restaurant to become "Sacramento’s living room", an urban oasis where law makers and other diners can go and unwind after a long day’s work. 6. All of the elements come together at Ella Dining Room & Bar to form an intimate and convivial dining experience, the embodiment of “Rustic Luxury” right at the heart of California’s State Capital. 7. “粗糙奢华”并不是一味地追求简单。它是简约与复杂这两个对立面不可思议的结合体。埃拉餐厅&酒吧所定义的“粗糙 奢华”风格将简约与自然的美感完美结合,令就餐者如同在朋友家中就餐一般。 5.

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